Kate Middleton Played Soccer In Heels, So What’s Your Excuse?

As we all know, Kate Middleton’s sole activity in life is proving that the rest of us are mere peasants. And her recent trip to India with her Prince hubby was no different.

Other than smiling and wearing culturally appropriate gowns, her activities included playing several games with local kids while wearing her typical closed-toe wedges.

And ok, don’t even get me started with how she manages to have perfect volume on that blowout and no apparent frizz from all that tropical heat that would cause normal people to turn into Monica when they went to Barbados on Friends.

She played soccer, cricket, and some other local games with the kids while wearing a full-length gown and wedges, looking more formal than most Americans do at weddings. So yet again, leave it to a princess to prove that we are all still merely colonials.

Anyways, let’s all do ourselves a favor and take an hour or two today and peruse some of her pics, so we can totally steal her vibe for our next outdoor cocktail event. 


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