Kate Middleton Hasn’t Gained An Ounce In 3 Years

We are all already well aware that Kate Middleton is skinnier than us. She is skinnier than us while pregnant, right after she’s had a baby, and basically on any day of the week. However, being the royal betch that she is, she never passes up an opportunity to remind the world just how amazingly skinny she actually is.

Remember how we all ooh’d and ah’d when she wore this gorgeous Alexandra McQueen dress to little baby George’s christening?

Well, that was 3 YEARS AGO. And after being a mom for 3 years and having a second child it the meantime, Kate can still fit into that dress. So of course she just had to show off and wear it to some casual event like the Queen’s Garden Party. Vanity Fair said it best: This was like “a bride wearing her wedding dress out to a formal summer barbecue.”

Thanks Kate, once again you are making us all look bad.


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