Kate Middleton Goes Full Hippie, Sits in Drum Circle

Stop the presses; this generation’s “peoples princess” just sat in a drum circle. Vogue should be putting out a new style exposé of Mrs. Betch-Set-For-Life Middleton/Windsor any day now—i.e. “Sheaths Are Now Hipster.”

Nah, JK, Kate obvs just sat down in typical Princess K fashion, switching back and forth between RBF and fake smiling. Good job Kate, don’t worry I’m sure Wills can grab you another diamond necklace from Granny’s jewelry box as a reward.

But also, I feel like I need to use this as an opportunity to show how to do “holiday” dressing in a non-tacky way. Like seriously, if you don’t know what to wear or don’t want to look like a skank because you are meeting your Bf’s parents or are going to an office Christmas party, just wear a red dress. People will think you are being festive, but you know it is secretly your slutty non-slutty dress.


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