Kate Hudson Had A Hot Mess Themed Birthday—Same

As anyone who’s ever turned 21 will tell you, any birthday can be a hot mess themed birthday, but when you’re Kate Hudson and you’re turning 37, the hot messitude takes on a whole new meaning.

Hudson’s literal hot mess bride themed birthday (again, if she needed a hot mess bday she could have just invited me, but whatever Kate do what you want, I guess) invited all her hottest celebrity friends to be…well…hot mess brides all in celebration of the birth of Kate (no word yet on whether or not this will become a national holiday).

So what does a ‘hot mess bride’ themed bday look like? Just check insta, duh. 

Kate was the messy bridal queen, obviously, but that doesn’t mean other celebs didn’t come out fully in support of the theme.


This marriage will never last.

A photo posted by Erin Foster (@erinfoster) on

My only note is, if this is what a ‘Hot Mess’ is supposed to look like, then I guess I’m not even doing that right.



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