Karl Lagerfeld Wants Your Lonely Ass Engaged, We Get It Mom

Karl Lagerfeld is teaming up with Frederick Goldman to release a line of engagement rings in the fall of 2016. Laayydddeeeeeez! You know what that means! It’s time to use some reverse psychology voodoo shit to rope in your boyfriend of 4 months! The line consists of three collections that are inspired by “shapes” and “Paris”…well fucking duh.

Idk is this ring kinda super really ugly? It looks like a cheap Limited Too ring I would be obsessed with and then lose the day after I bought because I took it off for 3rd period gym.

Okay, much better. We like this one minus the narcissistic “Karl” that just had to be inscribed on the inside of the ring. Fuck inscribing the ring with something sentimental like “Susan and Bob 4 lyfe.”

According to Vogue, Karl designed the rings for the “millennial crowd,” which means he doesn’t want any older betches wearing his rings. Typical. All of the styles are offered in 18K white and yellow gold, as well as platinum. Ah, 18 karats: the daily meal of a Chanel model.

Prices range from $1,000 to $10,000, which, since we’re perpetually alone, we have no idea if that’s like, standard or what. Isn’t it supposed to be three month’s pay? Well, that would be a whopping $758.45 for me, so nah.

Even though your marriage will never last as long as your lambskin Chanel patchwork bag, it’s still a nice thought to wear a nice Chanel ring for a couple years, tops. 


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