Karl Lagerfeld Makes Underhanded Fat Accusation About Kim Kardashian

I hope Kim read her horoscope for yesterday, because her day really was a roller coaster. It started off with a gift from her bestie Loren Ridinger – sometimes she goes to lunch with Kim on KUWTK. She got a mini gold chain for her son, soon to be named Easton West (I’d bet money on that). Oh your fetus doesn’t already have a better jewelry collection than QVC. The necklace matches one that Kanye has wears, so we can already start preparing for the inevitable twins Instagram feat: Kim and Nori wearing matching Balmain and Kanye and Kanye Jr. wearing Yeezy Season 2.

So her day was going great, and then Karl Lagerfeld threw the most incredible shade of the 21st Century – sorry Martha Stewart. He pulled a Julie Cooper “the Donna Karan dress is very forgiving” when asked about Kim in an interview. “Kim’s contribution to beauty and fashion – and what made her such an icon – is the fact that you don’t have to be super slim and very tall to be beautiful.” He’s so happy that she’s on covers of magazines wearing Sears! But he came in for Round 2 with a Don Draper inspired “I don’t know the rest of this astonishing family.”

Maybe the gold necklace can help cool that burn. 


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