Who Had The Better Karl Lagerfeld Costume? Kendall Jenner or Josh Duhamel?

If you don’t know who Karl Lagerfeld is, then you’re tacky and I hate you. He’s the creative director of Chanel and Fendi and basically decides all fashion. Well, Kendall Jenner, who basically sold her soul to model for Chanel, dressed up as sexy Karl Lagerfeld for Halloween, because nothing screams professional respect like being a slutty version of your boss.

Josh Duhamel, or Mr. Fergie, also dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld. But tbh, I’m pretty sure Fergie just told him what to wear 30 minutes before they left for the party. Fergie and Kendall’s non-famous friend dressed up as Karl’s betchy cat Choupette – that cat’s life is better than 99% of all humans.

The win here goes to Karl Lagerfeld, because he probably drank a glass of aged wine while designing next season’s collection and ignoring this whole situation. 


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