People are Pissed About The Kardashians’ Cosmo Cover

Ugh. Kardashian haters are whining again and it's so stupid. Basically, people are pissed because their new cosmo cover (which is pretty fierce btw) calls them “America's First Family” which made some people mad because I guess they don't realize how much other fucked up shit is happening in the world rn.


As most mad annoying people do, trolls took to Twitter to express how butthurt this cosmo cover made them with stupid shit like this:


So, first of all yeah, dude—we know the Obamas are the real first family. Everybody knows that. Cosmo knows that. Kris knows that. Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie and maybe even also Kim and Kanye know that.

Besides, don't you know that for every bad thing you tweet about the Kardashians Kris Jenner immediately receives one thousand dollars? Do you get that?

Second of all – I think I speak for everyone when I say that if the Obamas want to put on crisp white outfits and take a sweet pic for the cover of Cosmo with the headline “America's First Family” there would be bipartisan support for it.

Third of all – Get used to it, people. Yeezy2016. 


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