The Kardashians Made An Embarrassing Video For Kris Jenner’s Birthday:

Once you watch you can’t unwatch. It’s even more embarrassing than Kim’s sex tape. The Kardashians made this cringeworthy music video wishing Kris a happy 60th birthday.  Apparently it was a recreation of a video Kris made in the 80’s, for her 30th birthday called “I love my friends.” 

Maybe the original video is ‘infamous’ or whatever, but it was definitely made before we were born, so we don’t really give AF.

What we really want to know is, if the original video was so bad, why did anyone feel the need to recreate it? The latest version features the Kardashians’ extended family including baby North and Justin Bieber among others wishing Kris a happy birthday by saying “She loves you!” There’s awkward shots of the girls recording in a studio, dancing on a treadmill, and listing off designer names like a nouveau riche from Hong Kong would. Awk.  You’d think with that much money they could have come up with something that looks less like a community center tribute video.


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