Watch Out, Kylie—Kardashian Beauty Has Matte Lip Colors Now

The Kardashians are at it again with a healthy dose of family kompetition. Because (literally!) nothing can get in the way of their money makin’, two opposing beauty lines are going to head to head this summer. Kardashian Beauty—the makeup line put out by Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney—will be releasing some matte lip colors. Meaning that Kylie’s lip kits better watch their fucking back. 

The Kardashian Beauty Mirror Matte Lip Crayons, will retail for $10 each, which is significantly cheaper than Kylie’s bullshit $18 a piece price. Does that make them better? IDFK. All I’m saying is that this is either shady as hell—or shady as hell. 

Like, if you’d rather not buy anything that has Kylie’s name on it, but you want some pretty matte lipsticks, go get the mirror matte crayons. And if you’d rather jump off a bridge than be seen at a K-mart (or wherever the fuck these things are going to sell), then buy Kylie’s kits instead. Basically, this is a fucking trap. No matter which way you turn, you’re going to end up feeding the mouths of some unnecessarily rich Armenian women. This is their world, we’re just living in it, so, your fucking call. 


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