Kanye West’s Uber Was Late, Making Him Semi-Relatable

So Pablo Kanye West was driven around by the paparazzi this week, because his Uber stood him up. Celebrities, they’re just like us!  The paparazzi part isn’t the weird thing about this story. Sure, it’s a little weird that Kanye just got in a car with a rando photographer, but like, he doesn’t have the best history of decision making (see: 2009 VMAs) so it’s not that surprising.

Kanye was waiting to be picked up by an Uber to take him to the gym. If he’s really $53 million in debt, he should know that those Uber rides add up quickly—if my credit card statement is any indication. If Kim made $80 million just from her video game, she can afford to buy him a car. Or a driver. So why the fuck was Kanye “the greatest living artist” taking a fucking Uber? This is the question I need answered on next season of KUWTK


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