Kanye West Has Officially Become A Twitter Egg

So, Kanye West has been doing a very good job of getting himself in the news recently. But not so much for releasing his album TLOP, a self-indulgent record made for the sake of self-indulgence, on his mentor’s shitty streaming music service, Tidal. No, he made an ass of himself after his ex suggested he liked butt stuff, and then again when it was revealed that his stupid album has been pirated some 500,000 times, a number that, if true, is only so because of spite. Then this morning, he tweeted this:


The internet (including popular DJ deadmau5, more on him later) was quick to notice a few things. One is that Kanye is listening to Sufjan Stevens, an artist prominently featured on Tidal, the very same service Kanye implored fans to pay for in order to download his album. Two, and more hilariously, one of the tabs points at The Pirate Bay, the largest torrenting site on Earth. The very same site Kanye is threatening to sue for facilitating the piracy of his album. Whoops!

Ars Technica thinks that based on another open tab, Kanye may be pirating some expensive wavelength synthesizer software called Serum. I mean, sure, but my guess is that more than likely he’s checking TPB to see if anyone’s still pirating TLOP, whether for legal purposes or because Kanye will literally take any attention he can get. Except, lol jk, TMZ has “sources” (who are certainly not named “Manye Best”) who say he was just “trolling”:

‘Ye was in the studio Tuesday and thought it’d be funny to send out the pic. He’s well aware ‘TLOP’ has been pirated more than 500k times, and while he’d never steal music … he knew the Internet would have a field day.

Yes, mmhmm, trolling indeed. That is, uh, certainly ONE explanation for it, if you set aside that Kanye West is one of the most oblivious, self-serious people on the planet. But what it doesn’t explain is the series of tweets Kanye published subtweeting deadmau5, a man with a stage gimmick and name still somehow less ridiculous than calling your fucking album The Life of Pablo.

Yes, after he called him out for being a fucking idiot, Kanye West’s epic rebuttal, honed by years in the rap game, is to… make fun of the phonetic pronunciation of a stupid DJ? That’s sadder than the notion that Kanye West is in lots and lots of debt.

The thing is, Kanye still has fans, millions of them. And he could, if he wanted, continue to make music for those fans, which TLOP most certainly isn’t—Kanye’s rapping appears on it somewhat sparingly, in fact. But instead, he’s decided to become a twitter egg: a terrible, ignorable unpredictable social media wart that sends (sometimes coherent) collections of words out into the ether hoping that someone will pay attention. And we do! But if he weren’t Kanye West, would anyone care what Kanye West has to say anymore?


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