Kanye Thought His New Album Would “Cure” Lamar Odom

Kanye West has been threatening to release his album for almost a full year now. Seriously, the promotional tour for this album is longer than Kim and Kris Humphries’ entire relationship. He renamed the album SWISH (Saint West Is Super Hype?) from So Help Me God after tweeting naked photos of Kim K. The ultimate 21st Century romance, amirite?

But according to a video Khloe Kardashian Odom (lol, still not divorced) posted to her website, Kanye was really a giver this Thanksgiving and played the full album to Lamar Odom in the hospital. Story true: Kanye thought the album would cure Lamar, like a Yeezus miracle. Apparently Lamar “loved” it, but like Kanye probs would have unplugged Lamar’s oxygen if he had said anything else.

So not only did Lamar’s herbal viagra overdose get Khloe to finally call him back, but he also got to listen to SWISH before anyone else. Well played. 


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