Kanye Listed North & Saint On His Album as “Creative Consultants”

If you’ve been literally under a rock for the past week, Kanye West released his new album on Tidal, which is the music industry equivalent of Jeb Bush in the presidential election. Pointless, frustrating, and getting verbally abused on Twitter. If you want to torture yourself, you can listen to 30 second previews of each song on his website – #TBT to iTunes. He also listed the full credits for his album.

He lists Saint and North as “creative consultants,” which is how you make your children into extensions of your ego. Like North can’t read and Saint can’t walk yet, but they’re already dictating culture. Okay sure. I don’t have a summer internship, but Saint already has a title. Cool.

But, why didn’t Kanye give Taylor Swift a lyricist credit if she inspired her mention in “Famous?” 


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