Kanye Stole Kylie’s Colored Contacts For The Met Gala

As time goes on it is getting harder and harder to ignore the fact that it’s Kanye’s world and we are all just living in it. And because we’re all living on Planet Kanye, Yeezus decided to wear blue contacts to the Met Gala last night. Kanye will be damned if he lets anyone tell him that colored contacts are so 2010.

The fashion gods should be crying over this. Why Kanye, why? I know you are all fashion forward and all about pushing the limits, but does that mean you have to look like a creepy Balmain ghost?

I am all about that jacket though, a great compliment to the typical K Klan Balmain shiny bodycon thing Kimmy is wearing. #LOVE

But those contacts, I can’t even. That did not need to happen, not at all.


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