Kanye Loves Will Ferrell Almost As Much As Kanye Loves Kanye

Kanye is known to get excited about things, but usually they’re about himself. Not this time, however. He watched Zoolander 2 and got so hyped about Will Ferrell that Ye took to Twitter to call Ferrell a “living breathing God” and say “his existence is a blessing.” Shockingly, Kanye really is referring to Will Ferrell and not himself—hard to believe, but true. He sounds a lot like us on molly, except instead of Will Ferrell it’s everyone we see.

He starts by saying “I saw Zoolander 2 for the second time” then goes into praise for Will Ferrell that comes out of nowhere. Well, not out of nowhere, because we agree that Will Ferrell is the best. He eventually says “I just want to thank Will Ferrell for the years of joy he has brought into my life with amazing comedy” and that is actually kind of sweet.

I wonder if the Zoolander folks are wishing they had asked Kanye to cameo in the movie now that they know how big of a fan he is. I mean, that movie has so many celebrities it’s basically the E! Red Carpet of comedies. It’s important to note that Kanye tweeted 8 times about Will Ferrell and only one time about Leo. And none for Gretchen Weiners, bye.


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