No More Parties In LA: Kanye West Was Hospitalized

The last couple months of 2016 have been pretty shitty for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The Paris robbery, the conspiracy theories, Kanye’s Trump endorsement all culminated in Kanye being hospitalized last night. But unlike when Kendall Jenner was hospitalized for “exhaustion” after fashion month, this seems like an actually serious mental health situation.

The first warning sign was when he decided to dedicate his LA concert to shitting on Beyoncé and Jay Z and then left after 3 songs. Like, when Snoop Dogg calls you out on Snapchat for being crazy (which he did), you know you need help. Then he posted a bunch of rando fashion pics on his Insta like an art school student teasing his final project. But the last straw was when he canceled the rest of his Saint Pablo tour on Monday. That’s the big three of celebrity mental breakdowns: talking shit about Beyoncé, posting bizarre social media content, and canceling an event. I guess Kanye decided to imitate a Donald Trump temper tantrum.

On Monday night, Kanye was being examined for severe sleep deprivation when his friends called the police. I’m not an expert on insomnia, but something big had to happen for the cops to show up instead of just taking an Ambien. Once the police arrived, they called an ambulance because Kanye was “acting erratically.” I’m not totally sure what that means considering we’re talking about Kanye West. This is a man who drank a bottle of Hennessy and embarrassed a 20-year-old girl on live TV and buys his wife walls of flowers for special occasions. A normal person’s erratic behavior would be a Tuesday morning at home for Kanye, so this sounds super serious.

Eventually Kanye agreed to be taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, but he was still handcuffed to the gurney when he was transported. Kim cancelled her first public appearance since the Paris robbery and rushed from New York to Los Angeles to be with Kanye.

So best wishes to the Kardashian-West family. But remember, it still could’ve been worse. He could’ve overdosed on herbal viagra in a Las Vegas brothel. 


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