Kanye Wants To Be The Creative Director Of Hermès

So ICYMI, Kanye West held a fashion show/live streaming of his new album last Thursday at Madison Square Garden. Apparently forcing models to stand for a few hours and playing music over some loud speakers was all it took to really push his narcissistic personality over the edge. Case in point, Kanye telling the crowd he wants to be the creative director of Hermès. 

According to Kanye, he and longtime frenemy Anna Wintour had a brief discussion about it pre-show. “I told this to Anna [Wintour] backstage, my dream is to be the creative director of Hermès.” Why don’t you just stand up and say Kim deserves an Emmy while you’re at it —  oh, wait

Not shocking at all, Hermès has yet to comment. Probs because they’re too busy producing clothes and pieces of art that people actually care about. 



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