Kanye Fucked Up At Coachella

Kanye is the king of surprises—I mean, who would’ve guessed that someone singing about fish fillets would eventually be designing sweaters with holes in them that cost $2000? (oh wait, bad example). Well, you get my point; we never know what Yeezy is up to.

Well surprise surprise, his most recent surprise went totally wrong—EXCEPT it wasn’t his fault this time.

Poor old Yeezus had technical difficulties in his surprise appearance at A$AP Rocky’s set. His microphone kept cutting out so fans could barely hear his rap. But I mean, what do you expect at a festival that used to be hipster and cool until all the basics of the celeb world ruined it?

Whatever, I’m sure Kanye will get over it by tweet-ranting about this in a year about how this was the beginning of the end of his life, right before he makes another $50 million from a new single about how hard it is being around the K Klan all the time.


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