Watch Kanye West’s American Idol Audition

American Idol is about to go extinct after years of churning out glorified YouTube-stars. Tbh I only watched for Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul’s sexual tension. Well Kanye West decided to give the show its last rights, because there is nothing like being #blessed by Yeezus himself.

Kanye “auditioned” by rapping Gold Digger, which is a little cheap considering it references J Lo’s ass. Obvi, it’s pretty fucking good and he gets a ticket to Hollywood, because it’s Kanye. Despite the fact that he’s the douche lord of the century, his music is A+. He’s not the rapper we need, but the one we deserve.

Kim accompanied him to the audition like the supportive wife she is – she voluntarily wears his Derelict clothing line. But she wasn’t nervous, because she “believes in him.” In him or his millions of dollars and Grammy Awards? We can just go ahead and add this to the file of shit North and Saint will need therapy for. 


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