Watch Kanye aka Jesus and His Crazy Eyes Defend Kim Kardashian on Jimmy Kimmel

Last night Jimmy Kimmel invited Kanye West on to his show to “sqaush their beef.” You can read all about this beef here. In this 6 part interview with a MUST SEE interlude in Part 4, Kanye and Kimmel go over what happened in their fight from last week. And when I say “go over what happened” what I really mean is Kanye goes on 4-minute rants about how amazing he is and how he wants to change the world but not without unnaturally mentioning the 30-150 people he has worked with, all while Kimmel kisses his ass. There are definitely moments of clarity during which I thought, “I mean the man has a point.” But that thought was fleeting and was immediately followed by, “wait what the fuck is he talking about now?” 

It takes a few minutes to ease into because I don't know about you but Kanye makes me extremely uncomfortable. 

If you're not going to watch any of it just do me a favor and watch the beginning of Part 4… and maybe Part 5 because that shit might as well have been in Punjabi. 



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