The Life Of Pablo Has Officially Changed More Times Than Your Outfit

You know the occasional black hole of getting ready when you endlessly change outfits and apply layers of makeup, hoping to see some dramatic improvement that never actually happens? Such is Kanye West’s experience releasing his latest album, The Life of Pablo, which has debuted in several basically identical iterations since its original release in February.

The latest update to this four-month work-in-progress is the addition of the track “Saint Pablo,” which also happens to be the name of his upcoming tour. Is the song good? Sure. Good enough to warrant removing the entire album from Tidal and then uploading it again with “Saint Pablo” included? Debatable.

But Kanye’s staunch perfectionism won’t be stopped. He’ll probably continue to edit this thing until the day he dies, not that any average listener can keep up at this point. Who has the time to be sitting in their room comparing the nuances of different background vocals on an album that isn’t theirs? I think people get paid to do that, and they’re called producers.

Maybe I’m just bitter because between TLOP, ANTI, Lemonade and Views, I’ve got about thirteen different streaming services on my phone and I resent all of them. I can’t be bothered to care if the lyrics get tweaked every other week when it takes ten minutes just to locate a song.

So, Kanye, it’s time to do what any betch would in this situation: accept that this is the best it’s going to get, and leave for the night. Once you’re five shots deep you will definitely not give a fuck if your eyeshadow, or that verse, is absolutely perfect.


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