Kanye Announces Saint Pablo Tour Which He’s Probably Going To Change 60 Times

Kanye “Pablo” West announced his North American tour yesterday on Twitter, and Kim is already planning her outfits for the app livestreams. He’ll start in Indianapolis (like why the mid-west, though?) on August 25 and finish in Las Vegas on October 29, so that Scott can make a club appearance after the concert. We’ve been teased that the tour was happening for the past couple of weeks as Kim gave her family members an insane amount of Life of Pablo merch.

If you’re planning on going to one of the concerts, just remember that Kanye will call you out for not standing up and dancing and might cry if you know all of the words to his songs. Much like a Kylie Jenner Snapchat story, a Kanye concert is a total emotional roller coaster. I just hope that “Creative Consultants” North and Saint can make an appearance at one of the tour stops.


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