Tell Your Mom Justin Timberlake Released A New Song

2016 has been a roller coaster of a year, and it’s only May. We’ve lost some of our most loved celebrities, and our favorite musicians released new music. It’s hard to feel too sad about David Bowie dying when Kanye and Beyoncé have new albums. I ain’t sorry.

Well, our favorite man who left a boyband to go solo (sorry Zayn), Justin Timberlake, released a new song today. It’s fine if you DGAF, but this is super important news to your mom. Nobody loves Justin Timberlake like a middle-aged woman turning on “SexyBack” after dropping her kids off at school.

The song is called “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” which means it’ll fit in perfectly with Drake’s album of breakups, Beyoncé’s album of infidelity, and Rihanna’s album of dance-floor hookups. So update your pregame playlist and throw in a couple NSYNC throwbacks too.


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