Justin Bieber’s Credit Card Got Declined At Subway, He Needs Help

There are lots of things today’s batch of 20-something celebs don’t have. Dignity, sanity, responsibilities, you fucking name it. But one thing they have plenty of is money. Or so we all thought until last week when, at a romantic Subway dinner with his gf, Justin Bieber’s card got declined. Lol seriously? Even I can afford Subway. Good thing he didn’t take her to Jimmy John’s. You can’t get shit for five bucks there.

And just in case that wasn’t humiliating enough, the Biebs, who’s been a real dick to his fans lately, got bailed out by a Belieber who was nice enough to buy his meal. Maybe he’ll start taking pics with his peeps or stop being a little bitch and reactivate his Instagram now that fans are literally the ones putting food on the table. So what was this incredible Subway meal that broke Justin’s bank account? A footlong, some cookies and FOUR milks. Wtf? That’s actually the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m just looking at this as another piece of evidence that Selena dodged the world’s biggest bullet.


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