Justin Bieber Wants To Borrow Your Scrunchie

We’ve all had a group chat dedicated to discussing the tragedy of Justin Bieber’s hair. Whether it was in the swoop days of middle school or the all-too-recent Draco Malfoy impersonation, Justin’s hairstyles have been almost as much of an emotional roller coaster as his relationship with Selena. Well, now that he’s on tour—why haven’t you bought tickets yet??—his hair is causing problems yet again. Mostly because like a true betch, he forgot a hair band.

His new thing is asking girls for their hair ties while performing, which is the betchiest thing a singer has done since Mariah Carey told everyone Nick Cannon cheated on her during a concert. Over the weekend, Justin had a fan come on stage and do his hair and then took a hair band off of an audience member’s wrist. How many girls would volunteer to be Justin’s personal hair band assistant? Too many. How much could that used hair band be sold for on Ebay? Too much.


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