Some Freshman Is Suing Justin Bieber For Breaking His iPhone

In the latest Justin Bieber dramz, some floser recently filed a $100K lawsuit against the Biebs for breaking his phone. The guy is named Robert Earl Morgan, and the incident occurred last month at Le Cle nightclub in Houston. Before we get into any of the details, my first reaction to this is, bro do you even go out? Like, yeah it sucks when your phone is a casualty of a particularly turnt up evening but that happens every other weekend. Just because this is America we don’t get to go around suing someone every time they spill a vodka soda on our iPhone. That’s what insurance and the unfollow button on Instagram are for.

Anyways, the evening started out with Biebs allegedly extinguishing a cig on Post Malone’s arm, which is probably the best metaphor for their relationship I could ever imagine. He then grabbed a beer bong and attempted to chug it, but Morgan says he was “clearly a novice” and spilled it all over his clothes and face. Yeah Morgan, you seem like a real beer bong expert. I bet Justin Bieber is super jealous of you. Idiot. Then Morgan proceeded to film the whole incident on his phone, and when Biebs saw he flipped a shit and smashed it into pieces. Oops.

Now Morgan, who never got his SIM card back, is saying the phone is valued at $100,000 because of what it stored: pictures of his grandma’s 100th birthday party (okay fine, cute), business contacts and 5,000 pictures from his photography minor in college. LOL excuse me? 1) There’s no fucking way you actually lost all your “business contacts” considering I get an email from LinkedIn every 20 minutes, and 2) something tells me this guy isn’t the next Ansel Adams if he shot 5,000 photos on his fucking iPhone and didn’t bother to save any of them. But that’s just a hunch.

No word yet from Justin’s peeps on any of this, but if I were them I wouldn’t even advise saying sorry cause this guy is clearly a tool. There may be a beer chugging tutorial in order, however. 


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