Justin Bieber Shades Taylor Swift, Becomes Likable For The First Time In Years

In what is becoming a daily update, a new celebrity—Justin Bieber—has joined Team KimYe against The Snake Taylor Swift (seriously whoever came up with that title needs a Nobel Prize in Literature). Justin posted an Instagram that was a screenshot of a FaceTime call. That’d normally be material for your fake-Insta, but it’s JBiebz so he posted it to real-Insta.

The FaceTime was with Justin, Kanye, and their manager Scooter Braun. That wouldn’t be too surprising, considering that Kanye’s favorite song of 2015 was “What Do U Mean” and Scooter’s career has been saving celebrities’ with public relations disasters. But Justin’s caption was savage: “Taylor Swift what up.” Honestly, if I had been consulted, I would’ve recommended “Taylor Swift what’s good?” But it’s still pretty good.


Taylor swift what up

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How much money would you pay to see Justin Bieber sing a “Famous” duet with Kanye? All of it. 


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