Justin Bieber Has Returned To Being A Hot Drunk Mess

It seems like just last week Justin Bieber was on his way to returning to the side of public favor instead of public disgrace. But on Thursday, The Biebs allegedly returned to his ass-hattery, and attempted to destroy ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico.

Page Six reports Justin and his new Instagram-lover, Hailey Baldwin, were chilling in Mexico last week when he showed up drunk and got kicked out of Tulum.

The “Sorry” singer was actually sorry not sorry when he posed for a picture by mooning the camera and then went exploring in a restricted area for a photo op.

The rules say that’s a no-no because climbing on a restricted part of ruins can cause rock slides or damage to the site. He and his probably really fucking hot group of friends were then asked to leave and escorted off the site.

C’mon Justin, we were all rooting for you.


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