Justin Bieber Relapses Into Fuck Boyness

In classic Justin Bieber style, he's taken 1 step forward and 300 steps backward. He was performing on the Today show yesterday and freaked the fuck out on a camera man for not capturing his sick dance moves.

After he finished his song he walked up to the camera man and said “Next time I won't dance because the cameras right here the whole time. Might as well not dance.” Alright, let's calm down Justin. We're all exciting your back from your quarter life crisis, but it's pretty generous to call that shit dancing. Also, you're still fucking performing on the Today show, so you're doing alright in life.

Seriously, this is like when your friend takes a photo of you and crops out your legs, so no one sees your thigh gap. Like what was the point of even taking the fucking photo? But this whole incident can be summed up in Justin's own words “Where are U Now.”


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