Justin Bieber Has Started Shit With One Direction and It’s Awkward

I miss the good old days when the whole Khloe-vs-Caitlyn-you-made-fun-of-Kris thing would’ve been considered a lame non-feud. We are way overdue for a solid Backstreet Boys vs. N-Snyc situation. Luckily, it looks like the Biebs wants to fill this gap.

The issue at hand is that Justin Bieber and One Direction both have albums dropping on the same day. These albums are big deals for both of them, it being the first in a long time for the Biebs and the last for a while for One Direction (RIP Zayn). Apparently, One Direction is pissed that Biebs is dropping their album on November 13th, even though he announced it before they did.

Vanity Fair reported that J Biebs posted a pretty bitchy snap story.



“The face you make when your album comes out the same day as Justin Bieber . . .,” and obviously he was making a scared face. Can I mention how hilarious it is that Vanity Fair, a trusted, classy, magazine is describing, in gory detail, a Justin Bieber snap story?

I have to give it to Justin though; he is claiming that One Direction chose to release their album on the same day as his to get free press over the “scandal.” Pretty betchy if you ask me, claiming people are copying you just to get some game, I gotchu Biebs.


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