Justin Bieber’s Nude Photos Got Released And He is Pissed

Some rando magazine published nude photos of Justin Bieber, and he’s like really pissed off about it because they’re not photoshopped to make his dick look bigger.

The photos are of him and some model that’s not Kendall Jenner swimming in a pool. His lawyers are super amped about this because publishing the photos was “a violation of the singer’s publicity and privacy rights.” So nude photos aren’t cool, but a video of him peeing into a bucket is totally fair game? Let’s set some standards people.

Apparently, the bigger issue is that the naked photos violate one of Justin’s trademarks. I didn’t know that he had trademarked being a fuck boi. Or maybe it’s referring to his Kate Gosselin hair cut, or his signature slightly hunched over posture.

True Story: When Justin heard about the nude photos his first reaction was, “What Do You Mean,” then he called his lawyers and asked “Where Are U Now That I Need You.”


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