Justin Bieber Pierced His Nose For No Apparent Reason At All

This week, in “what is Justin Bieber doing with his appearance so he can stay relevant?” news, the newly blonde pop starlet got something pierced. And to answer all and any of your questions, no. Unfortunately, it’s not his dick.

It’s a dainty diamond stud on his nose. Hollywoodlife reached out to Pip Holcombe (actual name) of the person responsible for piercing Bieber. He told Hollywoodlife that Bieber “took it like a champ”, “was great”, and “only bled a little.” Which is 99% better than any of the things Selena Gomez has ever said about their relationship.


TBD on what poor choices Bieber continues to make with the “look” he’s desperately trying to cultivate. All I know is that a redemption journey can’t last forever. 


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