Justin Bieber Reminds Us He Really Likes Being Naked

It’s time for another unsolicited photo of Justin Bieber in his birthday suit. In case you forgot (blacked it out of your memory) it’s been a whole 180 days since the world—and Bieber senior! —circle-jerked it to a pic of Biebz’s shockingly above-average-in-size penis, and 8 months since we saw first his naked ass on Instagram. So yes, the time has come for round three. And in this round, we find the Biebz in front of some lake, sad and alone (plus whichever “yes man” he bribed to snap the pic, probably after saying “no homo” and fist bumping him). Feast your eyes and be forever changed by the following photo. Jk it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.


Dat ass doe @johnny photo cred

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Editor’s note: Johnny is apparently the photo-taker.

The only thing I keep thinking—besides where’s the image from the front???—is how thirsty of a cry this is for Selena’s attention. I mean, we all know that if it’s too late now to say sorry, it’s def too late for a bare ass picture to win her back. But I’d like to imagine that as Biebz stands there, fully erect, with the wind hitting his beautiful penis, he’s mouthing the words “never say never” over and over again.

Poor Hailey Baldwin. She never even had a shot. 


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