Justin Bieber Trades in Cornrows for Man Bun

As we reported over a week ago, Justin Bieber made the same bold hair choice you did at 13 on your family trip to the Bahamas and got cornrows. Just as we were beginning to settle into that, Biebs revealed that his now the proud representative of an even more controversial hairstyle: The Man Bun. 

Biebs, literally only days from one questionable hair decision has flown seamlessly into another. And this one, it appears, is here to stay. So far, he’s really only rocking the hint of a man bun, but he seems pretty committed to the lifestyle, as evidenced by this pic of him re-doing his up-do on his insta. 

So obviously no word yet on how far this will go or what will come next. A scraggly neck beard? Some Malcolm X glasses? Mybe he’ll get a job as a barista?

Only time will tell. 


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