Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber Are Hanging Out Now

Kourtney Kardashian is feeling herself ever since Scott Disick left her to party with his 18 year old not girlfriend. She wears sluttier clothes, goes on vacations with her besties, and hangs out with Justin Bieber at clubs. That’s like the Kardashian version of pulling an Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.

Last week, Kourt and Justin ate dinner with two different friend groups and then left together to go to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. Low-key was she babysitting him? It makes total sense that they’re ~chilling now, she’s a middle aged, single mother of 3 and he’s a 21 year old fuck boi who cries at award shows. I guess they can bond over their daddy issues.

But Justin is friends with pretty much everyone in the Kardashian family. He probs hooked up with Kendall for a while and lived next door to Kourtney for a bit, so he’s a part of the Kardashian Klan. But still, it seems dangerously close to being a date. We all know Kourt’s type is emotionally stunted man-child, but this would cross the line of weird Kardashian boyfriends.

Slowly but surely the Kardashian-Jenner women are infiltrating the music industry: Kanye, Corey Gamble, French Montana, Tyga, and now Justin. 


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