Justin Bieber Finally Confirms That He’s A Frat President Stuck In A Celebrity’s Body

Justin Bieber basically spends his time drinking, hooking up with models, and doing stupid shit. If it weren’t for his multi-million dollar music career, he’d be any other hot frat bro. Well, in an interview with GQ, he finally agrees that he’s just your run-of-the-mill fuckboi. Like duh.

1. He orders chicken fingers that aren’t on the menu at a nice restaurant, like he’s at an overpriced McDonalds. How many frat presidents have you met that like to pretend rules and menu listings don’t apply to them? Oh every single one.

2. He’s a shitty texter because he doesn’t “want people to feel like they can just get in contact with [him] that easy.” So basically, he won’t text you back unless it’s 2 am and he’s wondering wyd. Hmmmm wonder where I’ve heard that before.

3. Justin and Hailey are officially just friends with benefits. He agrees that she’s “a friend he kisses,” which is a great way to describe your side pieces and the girls whose Instagram pics you like. Don’t worry, he “really loves” her but doesn’t “want to be held down by anything.” Throw in a line about timing not being right, and you have every shitty college break up since decalled snapbacks were invented. 


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