Justin Bieber Got Into A Fight In Cleveland Because There’s Nothing Else To Do There

If you haven’t been using the NBA Finals to blackout every 3 days and take Instagrams in basketball jerseys worn as dresses, then you’re just wasting June.

Game 3 was on Wednesday night in Cleveland, so everyone just happy there was something to do after 9pm. But tbh Cleveland is the girl you made fun of in middle school, but then blossomed in college, and married a Kennedy.

Well Justin Bieber flew to Cleveland for the game, cheered for the Cavs, and then got into a street fight. I guess old habits die hard. He tried to fight a man twice his size wearing a Warriors jersey, so there’s absolutely no way this would end well. Luckily his security team stepped in and ended the brawl before Justin experienced yet another fall from grace.

Afterward Justin posted two selfies to Insta with the captions “not a scratch on this pretty boy.” But if you like the way you look that much, then baby you should probably avoid public fights.




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