Justin Bieber’s Dad Just Made The internet Vomit

Embarrassing the shit out of your kids is a cool and good thing to do — it’s basically fraternity hazing, but with more life lessons and less homoeroticism. I look forward being that embarrassing dad whenever I forget to give the right girl a fake name and number and she hunts me down with a paternity test. In the meantime, I’ll have to look up to other chill, humiliating dads. Dad’s like Justin Bieber’s father Jeremy, who may have taken the whole “embarrassing dad” thing just a shade too far.


Haha, that’s hilarious, dad! Except, it would be hilarious, if he wasn’t referring to Justin Bieber’s dick, pictures of which this website had both the good taste and limited budget to not publish. Thinking about your parents having sex is revolting. Talking to your parents about sex makes you want to poop. But your parents tweeting about your sex parts? That’s bad, like “Jared Fogle at Chuck E Cheese” bad. The real question is, is Donald Trump still the creepiest dad on twitter?



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