Thank God Justin Bieber Finally Cut His Stupid Dreads Off

For those of you who live your life based around what Justin Bieber will or won’t do with his hair/penis, good news. His penis is still remarkably sizable for his petite frame, and his dreadlocks are finally fucking gone.

The Biebz—who wore dreadlocks with absolutely zero fucking irony—at once decided he was totally over them, so he shaved his head and then snapped a blurry photo of himself to prove it.

Why TF does this look like a photo your little brother (who thinks he’s super hard, says shit like “that’s tight,” and smokes menthols) would leave on your phone? Riddle me that.

Is it possible to be negatively sexually attracted to someone? Like not just not sexually attracted to them, but below not. Because that’s where I am right now.

And now, I leave you with a final message that I find to be both super inspiring and irrational, this comment from a fan on Biebz’s Insta page: “If you care about it that much about Justin’s hair and nothing else. Why? What’s the point. It’s just hair. Yeah hair is nice and fun to play with but you if just keep judging and judging then your the one with ugly hair.”

Food for thought. 


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