Justin Bieber Left His Own Concert After One Song

This weekend, we learned that you shouldn’t fuck with Justin Bieber when he’s trying to mop the stage at a concert. Just when we all thought that the Biebs was starting to resemble a mature adult, he stormed off stage in Norway after some fans wouldn’t stop waving their arms over the edge of the stage. He had only performed one song when he tried to wipe the front of the stage with a towel, and kept telling the fans to chill out. Fans in Norway obviously don’t understand the concept of chill (probably because they’re always cold), and Justin got more and more frustrated. After about 30 seconds, he was just like “nope, I’m done,” and left his backup dancers just hanging out on the stage.

Later that night, Justin posted some half-ass apology about how he’s been sleep-deprived and has had a rough week, but like it’s pretty obvious he just didn’t feel like doing a concert. Sorry Justin, but it’s time to grow up.


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