Some Woman is Turning Julia Child’s French Home into A Health Retreat

Are you a classy betch with a passion for French cooking, unlimited rosé, and three thousand dollars to blow? Well, looks like we found your next weekend getaway. One day, yoga-loving businesswoman Makenna Johnston was reading about the summer home of Paul and Julia Child in the South of France, and decided to buy the property for herself. Because, well, she can.

Johnston describes in an interview with MindBodyGreen that as she was reading about the famous property called La Pitchoune, she thought to herself, “Wouldn’t it be great to do a yoga retreat in the garden? Wouldn’t it be great to walk the garden, cook in her kitchen, and drink a glass of rosé?” So, just like that, she founded La Peetch École de Cuisine for “Good Friends, Good Food, & Courageous Cooking.”

This health retreat will allow guests to rent the famous house on the French countryside for the weekend while learning to cook in Julia Child’s kitchen, going on local excursions, and taking relaxing yoga classes on the property.

If you’re looking for a blackout Vegas type of weekend, this retreat is not for you. This trip will be super chic and cultural, and you’ll have to nail down the correct pronunciation of “croissant” before you go.  The retreat reservations begin this coming summer, so that gives you a few months to brush up on your French and pack your fav yoga mat. You can skip the pearls though—sorry Julia.


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