Judge Bases Court Ruling On An Episode Of Friends

A judge in New York officially cited an episode of Friends as the reason for her court decision, so the betch-apocalypse is near. Basically, the government was being an asshole and not letting a private school sue for stolen property. In true private school fashion, they were just asked to leave.

This Judge decided that the government was wrong, and she included some logic from Friends to clarify. I'm assuming she cited the last episode she had watched on Netflix the night before. Here's what Judge Betch wrote,

“In an episode of the iconic 1990s television show Friends, Joey Tribbiani tries to dissuade Rachel Green from moving to Paris. Joey asks Rachel to flip a coin. If he wins the coin flip, she must agree to stay. Rachel flips the coin; Joey loses. When later recounting the story to Ross Gellar, a befuddled Joey says, “[w]ho loses fifty-seven coin tosses in a row?” Before Ross can answer, Joey explains Rachel's rules: Heads she wins; tails, I lose.”

She equated Joey to the private school being fucked over and Rachel to the government being masterfully manipulative to decide an actual legal case, so Elle Woods needs to step up her game. Now all we need is contract laws to be decided about whether or not they were “on a break.”


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