Hot Golfer Jordan Spieth Choked Big Time At The Masters

Jordan Spieth is definitely one of the hottest professional golfers on the tour. And at 22, his career is only starting. So like, if you act now, you could have a shot with him. And considering how bad last night was for him, he’s probably in a vulnerable position right now for you to swoop in.

Anyway, Spieth tried to make history Sunday at the Masters. At one point, he was up five strokes on the leaderboard, and was in great position to win his second Masters in a row—the youngest golfer to ever do so. In normal-people terms, he was killing it.

However, Spieth quadruple bogeyed (bad) and displayed the most shocking collapse in golf history. Even worse, he had to go on national television and congratulate the guy who beat him, Danny Willett. And no one has ever looked so unhappy wearing a green jacket on Masters Sunday.

Like, talk about awkward. And you thought your Sunday Funday ended disastrously.

But we still love you, Jordan. If you need some shoulders to cry on, we’ll bring the vodka.

The only good thing that came out of this disaster is that Danny Willett’s older brother took Twitter by storm in sharing stories about his younger brother during his biggest career accomplishment.

Social media is wonderful, isn’t it?


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