Jordan Rodgers Is On Tinder Now

BIG NEWS. After Aaron Rodgers’s significantly less successful brother returned home from being chosen as JoJo fletcher’s number one suitor, he decided to go on Tinder. WHAT. Jordan Rodgers did something shady again? Color me shocked.

Jordan Rodgers Shocked

A source told In Touch Weekly that Jordan’s Tinder account is active and that he actually matched with someone on July 10. The source was Nicole Andersson, a 22-year-old female with a pulse (so obviously Jordan’s type). 

If you remember correctly—or are keeping track of Jordan Rodger’s true awfulness—he was also caught using the celebrity dating app Raya right when returned home from JoJo’s season, a few months back. Of course, in typical Jordan Rodgers fashion he danced around the subject, said a lot of words, smiled, touched his very tall hair, and all was forgotten.

Jordan Rodgers

But the question remains: did Baby Rodgers know he was still active on Tinder? Could he really be that stupid? All I know is that I’ve been keeping JoJo in my thoughts and prayers for weeks now and I’m tired. I’m so tired. 

Jojo Fletcher crying


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