Jordan Rodgers Is A Lying, Cheating Scumbag

Jordan Rodgers’s ex-girlfriend is back at it again with the incriminating evidence of his fuckboy behavior. While she should probably calm down at this point, Brittany Farrar posted a series of photos on her Instagram that prove once again, Jordan Rodgers fucking sucks.

First up, a receipt for roses that Rodgers purchased for his Pitch Perfect mistress in June of 2014. The receipt says “Happy Birthday To My Favorite Bella. Miss You Can’t Wait To See That Beautiful Smile Again. From, Your Favorite Football Player Wanna-Be Actor.”

Next, Farrar shared three screenshots from text messages of the “football-player-wannabe-actor.” (vom!). The texts are dated for June 2014, apparently around the same time the flowers were purchased.

I mean, sure. None of this looks good for Jordan, but at this point everyone with ears and eyes has known he’s a piece of shit since he stepped out of that limo with his stupid floppy hair and dead eyes. While I respect Brittany’s perseverance, I think it might be time to let this one go. 


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