Winter Storm Jonas Is Coming, Cancel Your Plans

Winter storm Jonas will be making landfall this weekend, making it completely acceptable if not assumed that you will not step outside or workout for the entire weekend. The storm is predicted to affect almost the entire east coast and parts of those random states in the middle of the country. Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Washington D.C. are predicted to get hit the worst, getting up to two feet of snow.

The storm will start in the south Friday-ish, and hit DC and New York Saturday-ish. So CANCEL ALL YOUR PLANS BITCHES. And on a more serious note the power in DC, Roanoke, Charlotte and Charleston will probably go out. Trusted weatherman Michael Lowry also predicts “moderate to major coastal flooding,” which is vague as shit.

As shitty as winter is, storms like Jonas here give us excuses to do what we always want to be doing: nothing. We just wish the could’ve happened on a weekday.

winter storm jonas


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