Jonah Hill Rapped On SNL And Surprisingly Killed It

Over the weekend, Future appeared on SNL as the musical guest which was equal parts amazing and heartbreaking because I was too busy acting like Future—i.e., getting fucked up on codeine at various Atlanta strip clubs—to actually catch him on SNL. Shrug life. For those of you who, like me, missed it because you had better things to do, you missed a great moment: Jonah Hill joined Future onstage and rapped Drake’s verse in “Jumpman.” Not sure why Drake couldn’t attend, but I’m thankful that his absence provided these few minutes of comedy gold. I don’t want to spoil it, but Jonah Hill actually like, kind of killed it. Clearly this is proof that Jonah spends as much time rapping Drake songs to himself in his car as you and I—celebs, they truly are just like us. Equally hilarious is Future, who can’t decide whether he’s amused or mildly afraid. All-around A1 video.

I wonder if the 6 God is going to retaliate with a diss track anytime soon, and if we can expect any more What A Time To Be Alive covers from Jonah Hill. If anybody’s listening, I would like to make it known that my vote is for “Digital Dash.” Also, really hoping Future and Jonah Hill become friends in real life because I would pay an embarrassing amount of money to hang out with them.

Anyway, here’s the video. Now prepare to have “Jumpman” stuck in your head for the next 8 straight hours. 


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