Our Prayers Were Answered: Jon Stewart Is Getting A New Show

As betches on the go, we usually don’t like watching the news. It’s boring and sad, and tbh basically the same shit happens every day. We do, however, like people who make the news funny. This is why we were so upset when Jon Stewart left The Daily Show last year, but it sounds like he’ll be back sooner than we thought.

Apparently Jon signed a big contract with HBO last year, and he’s most likely starting a new show this fall, just in time for all the election bullshit that will go down. He seemed like he wanted a big break when he left The Daily Show, but it looks like this election is just too fucking crazy to sit on the sidelines.

Jon Stewart Oh My God

The show is reportedly going to be an animated news parody, which we’re a little bit skeptical about, but it should be good if Jon has his hands in it. Normally we only like animated shit with princesses in it, but we can probably make an exception.

Jon Stewart thank you


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