JoJo And Jordan Might Have A TV Wedding

If you’re a big fan of The Bachelor franchise and aren’t following Jordan and JoJo on Instagram and Snapchat, you’re kind of missing out. They’re actually pretty adorable, if you ignore the inevitability that he’s probs going to cheat on her, but whatever. As for now, they’re pretty cute.

Social media is pretty much the only access we get to these two love birds since they don’t have their own reality spin-off…yet. (Totes looking forward to their awkward lunch with Lauren and Ben in this week’s episode of Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? btw.) So at an event this weekend they took time to answer the really important questions.

Are they planning a big televised wedding with Chris Harrison officiating and Ben and Lauren begrudgingly and contractually sitting front row? Um, maybe!

JoJo says: “I think it’s such a special thing, It’s really important, probably be the most important day in both of our lives. We’re going to have to think about [a TV wedding], and if it made sense then we’d be open to it.”

If it made sense, JoJo? More like, if it made dollars and cents, amirite?

That’s cute she says it would “probably” be the most important day in both of their lives. We all know that day for Jordan already came when he used his Bachelorette fame to foray into a career in sports broadcasting.

Do we want them to have a TV wedding? Of fucking course we do. In fact, we need a full series leading up to the wedding to see if Jordan and Aaron can make amends in time for the nuptials. Now THAT would be must-see TV. 


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